AIMStorefront Success Program

AIMStorefront Success Program

"Build it and they will come"  ... said no successful business owner, ever. 

Over more than 12 years in eCommerce, the team at Vortx have built up a large reserve of data and knowledge about online success.

We are now offering a "Success Program" which is intended to be purchased in two phases - with a focus on (a) acquiring more (and more targeted) traffic and (b) increasing the rate at which that traffics 'converts' into sales.

This program is ideal for those stores who find their rentals program is successful online, but don't yet make many product sales.

Please read the details behind each step, and decide the elements that will serve your company best.

Acquiring Traffic

Measure baseline traffic ($50) (details)
Clean your email sign-up list ($250) (details)
Build a templated product-promo campaign ($250) (details)
Improve the 'email sign-up' program ($250) (details)
Work on organic traffic ($250) (details)
On-demand site crawl ($150) (details)

Converting Traffic

Provide baseline conversion data ($150) (details)
Identify 5 biggest 'drop-off' points ($150) (details)
Focus on 5 most visited product pages ($350) (details)
Implement product page changes ($350) (details)
Compare conversion data with peers ($100) (details)
Abandonment reporting ($100) (details)
Price: $0.00