AIMstorefront - Redesign Package

Price: $1,000.00
President's Day Sale - ends 02/17: $600.00

What you get

Step 1 :: Design Consult

When you sign up for a redesign Package, an early step will be an approach from our design team, where we will ask all the right questions to guide you through decisions about the most effective redesign improvements. Is it your home page that needs most work? Product Pages? Checkout? We will help you to decide.

Step 2 :: Design/Build

Next, we'll invest half a day of dedicated design time to apply the agreed changes, bringing our own expertise to bear when decisions need to be made.

Step 3 :: Show and Tell

When we're done, we'll show you the results, but there'll be time left for one round of revisions, so if there are changes you need, that meet the original commitment, we'll make them for you. 

Step 4 :: Test/Launch

Once your newly designed store is completed, it will be 'launched' after being tested on browsers of all sizes on the most used versions of:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge